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Clyde Poser in the desert
Clyde  and GA too close
Clyde shootin' the moon!
Clyde 'meteorite' hunting
and actually finding 2
Mollie's Nipple at sunset
Nail and a St. George friend
Nail's turn as
'Field Commander'
Raymoe and Evan Green
Raymoe and his Chiron
Raymoe and his Chiron 310
Evan Green 'kissing'
the 'Nipple'!
Sand Hollow Reservoir
Rugged land
Sand Hollow Reservoir
camping area
Evan's Hollywood smile!
A Roadrunner, native
to the area :)
Happy Trails
Hurricane airport one
mile from our field
One of my favorite pics
ck out Evan in the mirrors
Desert Rats!
The kids have a ball
on ATV's
Downwind leg in
the pattern
Lone rider on a giant
sand dune
Razorback formation
Evan and I in
the mirror
Formation landing after
the ballet
Wide open space
Sonny Ledoux all the
way from Louisiana
flying the sand dunes
Sonny checking out
the lake
Me with Caden, the son of
a friend...what fun for both
of us.
A Crazy Wingwalker!
Don't try this
at home!!
Evan Green....right
before he fell :)
Nail rings the bell
Evan, this is how you do it!
Bobby Warren
rings the bell
An embarrassed Evan
finally makes it...haha
Scott Hughes just made
a "Texas Tent"
Beautiful end of the day
Brenda Warren tackles the
wall, with Mollie looking on
Me on the field
Pic courtesy of Phil Dietro
And no, this pic has not
been turned!!
Ray Morrow and his
favorite student!
Canyon wall
View from top of
Mollie's Nipple