Two Breeze LX's
Jake's solo flight....way to go!
Carol is one happy student!!
Foggy morn near Baton Rouge
Joe 'Paraski' relaxing after
a               great day of flying  :)
Mile High!
Perfect view from above
View in the mirror
Buncha Kentuckians
Illinois wind socks!
Warming up for a flight
Nail receiving award at Oshkosh 2005
Evan & Wylie at Salton Sea
Poor Nail.....!
PPG's kiting up at Salton Sea, Ca 2005
Poor Nail.....!
Salton Sea activity!
One of my favorites pics...J D Rice
framed in the risers
Salton Sea in the background
Breeze climbout
with a student!!
Extravaganza 2003
Just Beautiful
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Crazy Cajun at sunset
Now that's a cloud!
Energizer Bunny balloon
Jimm heading for the hanger
Over a Louisiana sod field
runway at Sun n Fun....whatta ride!!