Obsession.....A Buckeye Breeze LX
Trophy winner at Oshkosh 2004
White Diamond Kiteup
Trophy winner at Sun n Fun 2004
Five Breeze LX
Gorgeous Sight!!
Me with award at Oshkosh
Accordian Chute Layout
Wishful Thinking :)
Evan Green in my 'FunBug'
Ed Neff- his world famous SPIRAL
On final at Camarillo, Ca.
What's that on my landing area?
Our friend 'Chutey' on many shirts
Me at Monument Valley, Utah
Me with proof that my 'Pink
Scooter'      Is truly a "Chick
Magnet"  :)
The Infamous 'Mule' with Nail
World Champ John Wilson and Nail
Custom fitted Ozee suit for winter
Raymoe's custom Buckeye DM
Aubrey, a
Grandaughter        ready
for a flight
Should give lotsa lift....haha
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A HotProp from Ukraine...a beauty
Evan Green on the California coast
Formation Flying
Hugo's beautiful custom console
Powerchute Extravaganza 2003
Jimm Willard and his Buckeye
Jimm Willard in Illinois farmland
JD Rice in a beautiful Kansas sunset
A gorgeous Mexican beach
Mexico's Beauty!!
My original Dream Machine/Chiron
"Obsession" with my new smoker
PPC/ATV.....whatta ride!!
Ground crew? Are you serious?
Timeout for Mardi Gras
Out of the sun!
Beautiful end of day flight!
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Sophie, a Grandaughter-future pilot!
Almost a Rollover!!!
Pink Cloud under a Chiron
Double Smoke-Collage
Very Crooked River
Utah Collage
  Nuc Collage
JD Framed in the Risers
Evan and Wiley Collage
Nice pic by Darrell    
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Arkansas River Fog
Main Runway at Oshkosh
A JUNKYARD...very neat
Mt. Rushmore...courtesy
of JD Rice
Jeff Kent Photo
Home strip...750' long
Mississippi north of St Louis
Monument Valley, Utah
Border Fence west of Yuma
Mississippi bridge at Natchez, Ms
Among the clouds at 5000'
Algodonas Mexico across from Yuma
My wife made a quilt out of
some of my Fly-In teeshirts
My home strip
Desert Campers Yuma, Az
Arkansas River below Petit-Jean Mt.
Los Angeles Marina