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Nail's 10th Annual Fly-In at "The Ranch"
August 2
0-23, 2020
You are invited to:
Well, the First nine Fly-ins at "The Ranch International
were a success (first year was by invitation only) so
8 years and this year it is open to all.  YOU are invited.
We have ample space for whatever you will be camping in
(no hookups of course but LOTS of shade,
an outhouse and a lake for bathers!!).
The lake is stocked with bluegill, crappie, bass and channel
cats......bring you fishing gear if you like.
There is a floating dock, a fishing boat, and a rope swing that
the brave can swing out into the lake and keep us all
entertained :)........ bring your swimsuits, guaranteed the water
will be warm.....oh, swimsuits are optional (more entertaining
for the masses)!
We are fortunate to have acquired 30 acres of virgin timber that
The  Ranch right by the camping and shelter area. The
timber is totally covered with 100'+ giant trees. We have
several hiking or 4 wheeling trails in it and there is a neat creek
going the length of it.

Friday evening Tim Defebaugh will be doing his award
g pulled pork, and there will be lotsa homemade ice

Saturday evening (probably around 4:30 so that we will have
time after to fly (go light on lunch) we will have a potluck meal.
The main fare will be provided by
Sharon frying up her "Best
in the World Fried Chicken"
. I'm sure she will have an ample
supply of
'Toler Twinkies' and 'Homemade Ice Cream'. This
will be held in the shelter that is in our camping area by the
lake.....LOTS of shade and a firepit. Oh, and Lyman, you won't
have to bring firewood, I have tons of good oak and cherry
ready to go!

Jacksonville, 12 miles away is our commerce town of 20,000
where all restaurants are for anyone eating out.
There are
many motels there also for anyone staying off site. Email
or call me if you need motel info.

"The Ranch" GPS address is 523 Harts Prairie Road,
Franklin, Illinois.
Route 104 skirts around Franklin. You will see a large yellow
metal building that is a Taxidermy Shop right on the highway.
Harts Prairie Road is right next to it. You will be going south on
it and go 1.25 miles and you will round a turn in the road by a
white house and in front of you there will be
2 red gates and a
sign saying
"The Ranch International Airport".......easy to

The Taxidermy Shop, named Natures Window may be a place
you will want to check out in your free time. Chuck Watson,
the owner is nationally recognized for his work and he has
some amazing displays there.

We are in the heart of
"The Land of Lincoln" here.
Springfield is about 25 miles NE and has some very interesting
Lincoln sites. The Lincoln Museum and Library are there,
Lincoln's Home, Lincoln's Tomb, and the Old Courthouse. New
Salem the old Lincoln Log Village is at Petersburg, about 30

We have 2 class E airports within easy flying distace.
Jacksonville and Palmyra airports are both about 12-14
miles away. There are lakes at Franklin and Waverly (3 miles
away) and Jacksonville (6 miles away) that can be visited. Of
course we have all the corn and beans you will need to see :)
South of my airfield there are miles of wooded areas
interspersed with crop fields, pastures.............and lots of deer!

Normally our weather at these dates is great flying. Weather is
weather, so fingers crossed on that. We expect a nice bunch of
planes and people. Never know what other plans folks have,
so the number can be up or down.....a nice relaxing, safe fun
time for all is our goal......hope you can make it.

I will add a couple aerial shots of "The Ranch" to give you an
idea of the layout. Hopefully we will get our periodic rains this
summer to keep our  nice bluegrass strips green.....Mother
Nature is in charge of that one :)

My email:
Cell# 217-473-7526
We now have a nice
little target range for
handguns at The
Ranch. Steel gongs
and paper targets.
Up to 45acp.
Bring your gun and
ammo if you would
like to practice.

We've added a
small "Pavilion" to
the Morton Bldg.
We now have a nice
bar/restaurant on the
square by the park.
Name is The Green Wall.
Great food and a full
service bar. Has an
outdoor patio area to
enjoy also!